It’s a classic clip triple play for today’s BSP-only show. Featuring RC Collins in “Basketball Is Gay”, Rudy Canosa with “The Overweight Foghorn”, and Lloyd Bonifide fighting his way off hold in “Guns In The Household”. Phil and the gang return with new shows on Monday!

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    OMG,,,,,”the overweight foghorn”……..hahahahaha.

    you kept playing it and the callers just kept talking…….LOL.

    LA LA……..then the foghorn…….”stick up men in the liquor store”…….LA LA LA LA.

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    Joni Ellsworth

    Phil, we found you on the RADIO several years ago, and it was love at first hearing. We have now followed you into the new era of gadgets that replace our beloved old cathedral-shaped radio. It takes at least one machine and two gadgets, I think, to replace one radio. As you know, we cannot operate all of that equipment, so we have to pay our twelve-year-old neice to put your shows on the bows for us so we can listen after she tees it up, and that’s almost like listening to you on the radio. It goes to show how much we love you that we have gone to all this trouble and expense to continue to listen to your shows. That, and the fact that we couldn’t live without you and the crew. Please don’t ever quit, and if you ever go back on the radio, we will be out here, listening. Hugs and kisses to everyone, but especially to you for keeping the show, and our sanity, intact.

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    John Pace

    Phil, I start my workday at 7am and your shows generally hit at noon… they make the next three hours so much better. Your podcast has hit its stride and regardless of panel or special guest host, they have been superb. Love your work. I’ve been critical in the past but this has been GOLDEN. Who needs callers? Keep on keeping on.

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    Jim McKelvey

    Hey Phil I love the fighting off on hold and when your guys go through the phone.Keep up the good work!!!

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    I listen to your shows every night before bed….it helps me recover from and gets me ready for the hell of work!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thank you Kim, that’s the ultimate compliment, that we provide egress from, not entrance to Hell

  • John Barr
    John Barr

    Hope you had a great vacation Phil !

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    Donald Guill

    Phil you are a real funny FUCKER!!! You have kept me laughing for over 20 years. The day you retire will be just like the song by Don McLean,The day the music died.THANK YOU PHIL HENDRIE!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I’ll never retire, unfortunately but thank you!

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    A hat trick of comedy gold!

  • Phil Hendrie
    Phil Hendrie

    Have you tried customer service?

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