Another Saturday Cinema with Phil!

Edward G. Robinson hunts Nazi Orson Welles.

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  • John Burkett
    John Burkett

    That was awesome

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    I have classic film noir 3 dvd’s. The Stranger is the only one that blows beyond belief! The Scar and D.O.A. kick major ass as do the rest of the films

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    Is another “Fiim noir” movie slated for the Saturday Cinema?

    Too bad that Edward G. Robinson finished up up as a Soylent Green dinner cracker. Soylent Green was his last film, and he was great in it.
    I always liked that his voice and character were parodied in Lonoey Tunes cartoons

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    Don MacDonald

    7.4 rating on IMDB. I liked it, for how little that’s worth. Edward G. Robinson was a great, great actor. I cannot believe he was never nominated for an Oscar. He could play the most despicable characters and at other times play the most likable of characters.

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    Larry Messina

    Hi Phil. About to check out the latest Saturday Cinema. You probably already noted this, but according to The Wikipedia on The Internets, another of Welles’ films premiered on this date in 1941:

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry

    Sorry, but I must comment again. This erases any respect I had for Robinson and Welles blows.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Yea the movie blew hound. But “erases any respect”? That’s a tad strong. Edward G. Robinson will always be one of my top five, personally. Welles is hammy in this but overall a great artist. The movie sucks monkey IMHO because the plot’s utterly, bloody asinine

      • Charles Henry
        Charles Henry

        Well some hyperbole on my part. But when I have my bar set to Key Largo, which is in fact the best and yes one of the most violent movies ever. Plus LAUREN BACALL!!!!!!

        I do love the old films because the actresses are so elegant, everything was dialog, and the close in camera work.

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry

    Edgar G.
    Must have loved being in this turd. Good find Phil. Seriously bad. What was the bit about “I command you in the name of gray skull!”

    Ha, which way does he come?

  • apathy2673

    Technically, just a great movie. The scene where Welles strangles the Nazi is a 4 minute take that starts as a wide overhead crane shot, dollys slowly in reverse into a closeup and ends up with the camera on the ground looking up at Welles’ face. This was a man who knew how to use a camera.

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    Don MacDonald

    Great recollection, Phil. The racist actor you referred to in tonight’s movie was named Eugene Pallette. According to IMDB, he got into an altercation with director, Otto Preminger because he refused to act in a scene where he was to sit next to a black actor. Apparently he was an ultra-right winger. Classic douchebag.

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      Terrific character actor, though, ol’ Eugene…What’s the line from The Producers? “DA Feuhrer vas a vondahfool dencah!!”

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