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Saturday Cinema: April 6, 2019 – “Nude of the Moon”

Another request from Dr Jeff, it’s “Nude of the Moon,” another South Florida, jackball express from Doris Wishman. General Shaw and Jay Santos, C.A.P., comment.

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    Has anyone noticed that this movie seems to be the EXACT inspiration for AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON from the 80’s?? I meanthey added some stuff but the moon queen with the antennae, the cheesy rocketship and its interior, and of course the earthlike moon terrain and the women fascinated by an earth man. Im serious, they HAD to have been thinking of this movie for that!!!

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    Nudes start once they get to the moon – about 35 minutes in. The movie is a boring turd, even with the nudes. Commentary by Gen. Shaw and Jay Santos make this barely tolerable LOL

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    gd it phil your a disgusting fucking pig for burping so much, was it the PF Changs?? i still love you, in a manly way

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    also,, the young hot sessy doctor/astronaut is named “Jeff”.. hmmmmmm a coincidence?? i think not

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    thank you forever Phil, for making my sick fd up dream realized,, the dream trio of worthless, glossy, enticing, sessy and poorly filmed useless trash…………. Nudes on the Moon, The Vampire lovers and Diary of a Nudist.. . why live on now i have completed my reason for living,, again,, my thanks to you.. your the best.. Dr Jeff… and dont rat me out..

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