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Saturday Cinema: February 16, 2019 – “Diary of a Nudist”

Bob Green is guest commentator and almost gets beaten to death by General Shaw for breathing and drooling on him….

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    David Samarin

    Gen Shaw and Bob Green make a great team.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    This is at least the 3rd time they have done “Diary of a Nudist”. Others were 6/24/2017 and 5/19/2018. Bother prior times were Gen. Shaw & Chris Norton. At least this has a different host.

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    franklin buckley

    I was looking forward to pastor Rennick tonight

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    hendriepedia entry.. “Hacking your ham”=manipulating the male member in a repetative fashion.

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    hendrie pedia…. “nude it”=shor t hand version of “Nude up”

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    new hendriepedia –nude up= to take ones c lothing off in the early 1960s in Florida

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