Saturday Cinema: February 17, 2018 – “Five Minutes to Live”

General Shaw brings on guest commentator Brad Rivkind from Las Vegas to watch and comment on this Johnny Cash vehicle featuring Johnny as a psycho kidnapper. Also Vic Tayback and a teeny-weeny cameo from Rue MacLanahan.

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  • John and Naomi Regan
    John and Naomi Regan

    The theme song is stuck in my head. Also, this is your birthday present to John 😂😂😂

  • apathy2673

    So bad. I’m guessing people went to this movie to make out, not watch it. But hey, there was a 50’s Plymouth Suburban station wagon! It was pulling a huge camper up the hill on the highway in the background as they’re happily driving away on vacation. That was the best part of the movie.

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    Tom Dechan

    Not showing

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    Gary Harper

    “She’ll drive Johnny ape and he’ll end up on the street blowing his brains out”. The video remaster appears to have been done with an original positive wind in great condition. Historical film, no matter it if blew or not. “If it has Vic Tayback in it, it’s gotta blow!

    Harper in Thailand

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    Hot dingity dog! That was a great movie. I saw it way back then but I really enjoyed seeing again. Thank you.

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