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Saturday Cinema: January 19, 2019 – “Dementia 13”

General Shaw and Bobbie Dooley fall asleep halfway through the payback of ‘Dementia 13.” It sucks!

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    Charles Miller


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    I recognize the guy with the Elvis Hairstyle from an episode of Star Trek, “The Squire of Gothos”!

  • eaglecoyote

    Hang down your head Ms Dooley
    Hang down your head and cry
    Hang down your head Ms Dooley
    Good god! You’re gonna dye.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    Bobbie Dooley has never done Saturday Cinema… until now

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    Don MacDonald

    Holy crap, Francis Ford Coppola directed this turd!

  • David

    It ain’t no godfather

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