Saturday Cinema: January 20, 2017 – “The She Beast”

General Shaw invites Harvey Weirman on the show…..and he accepts and brings along the film! ‘The She Beast,’ a terrible artifact of Italian/Mexican origin that confuses, delights and sickens!

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    Gary Harper

    ” The World is a Vampeere..”
    Billy Corgan

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    I hope RC’s father will give him some time off at the plant sometime soon so he can join General Shaw. I miss that little twerp.

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    Don MacDonald

    Jesus, this turd makes “Plan Nine From Outter Space” look like “The Godfather” in terms of quality by comparison.

    PS, General Shaw was right, the actor playing the witch was a dude according to IMDB.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I thought the “She-Beast” was Gloria Grover!

  • apathy2673

    Barabara Steele…boy did I have filthy thoughts about her being evil to me back in the day. Hell, just check out her pictures now you filthy, filthy sinners. Apparently she was on the set of this piece of garbage for 1 day and got 1,000 Schmoleans for her time. That’s why she is barely in it. The filmmakers pulled the old bait and switch on horny, filthy fans who wanted to see Barbara Steele, not old men and Harvey’s hideous ex wife.

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