Saturday Cinema: July 15, 2017 – “Torture Ship”

General Shaw welcomes Jeff Dowdder on as guest commentator. Together they marvel at just how bad “Torture Ship,” a “Lyle Talbot vehicle,” truly is.

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  • David

    This movie is torture alright

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    How about The Story of Ricky-Oh

    • Tim

      I believe he’s limited to public domain films

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    Gary Harper

    I’m on a TOTure Ship.. TOT ISP Thailand, 10 to .1 Mbps in .500 mSec..//ping -n 10
    “Prepare the makings for the gunner’s daughter’.., “Aye Captain”…

  • Avatar

    Great movie as always. I ain’t a movie critic but I would give that one 5 turds. I love your sense of humor and Im a sick bastard too.

  • Avatar

    “call the Doctor and tell him the men are,,,, loose” Doug Dangur two thumbs up your port hole..

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