Saturday Cinema: June 24, 2017 – “Diary of a Nudist”

General Shaw joins Chris Norton for “Diary of a Nudist.” Our hosts comment on a film with no plot, lots of questionable casting, plenty of nudes and nudist camp camp director Zelda Suplee.

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  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    Synopsis: In order to save her job, a female journalist must infiltrate Sunny Acres Camp (a division of Sweet Farm LTD) and “nude up” to see what the naked men and women are doing. There, she must deal with every manner of diesel dyke, weird ass, jackball, and dude with a swinging you-know-what, but, eventually, she enjoys the nudididity and joins in. Even her prudish boss ends up “nuding up” when he sees all the high-quality tail at this joint.

    Doug Dangger gives the film 1 gay thumb up and 9 gay thumbs down. It does have some man-ass, but all the lady-parts turned him off.

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    That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen but Hot Damn I sure did enjoy it! Keep the hits comin.

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    thanks for showing this for me Phil,, now i can die a happy man,,, this movie has it all,, sess in the sissties, boobs,, xylophone,, cheap hair , nudiss, tits,, jazzy smoke infested sleazy bar music, more tits,, lava rocked smming pools with tits and ass,,, hot reporter chic, sleazoid editor boss, and finally , chris Norton,, what does a man need more than this?? a membership….. thanks again Phil,,

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    nudissss aare soo sesssy

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    Don MacDonald

    Jesus, I gave myself a headache laughing so damn much at the commentary between General Shaw and Chris Norton. Great one Phil.

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    General in rare form on this one and throw in Chris = I was crying from laughing, no sh*t

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