Saturday Cinema: March 17, 2018 – “Timetable”

General Shaw and Margaret Grey take us on a wild ride that ends unexpectedly….. with Margaret walking off the show. Oh, the movie? It’s pretty good too. With Mark Stevens, Jack Klugman and John Marley!

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    John Patrick Hunt

    Margaret brings an authoritative voice when discussing actors from the 50s. She got to be pushing 90 by now. So glad to see Phil employees our seniors.

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    Don MacDonald

    The actress who plays Linda (Felicia Farr) was married to Jack Lemmon. Thanks for another SNC, Phil.

  • David

    I miss the intro. It prepared me like a drum roll before an execution

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      Gary Harper

      Now that’s a classic line.. not to mention classy.. nearly borders on sessy!

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    Phil I the General and Margeret ran amock in your studio. I wouldn’t pay them!

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