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Saturday Cinema: May 4, 2019 – “The Man With The Golden Arm”

“The Man With The Golden Arm” General Gaylen Shaw and guest commentator Dr Ron Tarner take in this Frank Sinatra tome from 1955 about a junkie drummer who just can’t get his thing together.

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    Phil – I love when you are able to find a quality film with an Oscar-nominated performance in the public domain to screen for Saturday Cinema. My favorite of all time is ‘Smash-Up: Story of a Woman’ (Stuart Heisler, 1947). If you liked Sinatra shooting up to a jazz score, you’ll love Susan Hayward’s big-band boozing. It would be an especially good fit for SC since you sometimes take a couple of pops yourself during the movie…as do I.

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    Again with the gum, Phil.

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    Kerry Chapman

    Darren McGavin was the dad in A Christmas Story.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    “You’ve got Frank Sinatra, Chairman of the Freaking Board, TYING OFF!”
    – David G. Hall

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