It’s Phil’s Saturday Cinema! Today, Phil blathers through the original “Fast and Furious” with John Ireland and Dorothy Malone! Pretty funny remembrances of yesterday and today.

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    Andrew Reinicke

    Phil, Thank you!! My partner and I loved it; we plan on having friends and family over for the next installment. “Dinner and a movie” night by Camp Pendleton if you’d ever care for the best I-tie food you’ve ever tasted.
    Perhaps you could consider covering the debates, in either real-time or drop the show the next morning. Some of us miss your take (and the panel’s) the issues of the day.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    This is absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to see more!

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    Joey Watson

    Hey Phil, The Gas Station Attendent (who was also in “Marty”) is Robin Morse. He died 3 years later.

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    john Ireland went on to star in Spartacus…Doug Dangur would have loved Spartacus,, it was about young hot sweating gladiators wearing little else but a loin cloth …

  • Bonnie

    That was so funny. Thanks Phil

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    Great show, Phil! I watched the whole damn thing!

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