The Saturday BSP-Only show!

Phil reveals his stash of reel to reel tapes containing WIOD shows, not heard since his days there. And there’s discussion of another “Best Of” download for the website. Plus ideas for individual character episodes.

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  • David

    I wish Phil had a group box somewhere where we could donate our own audio files of these older shows. I’ve got about 300-400 files from 1993-1999, some taped off of WCCO, some taped from WIOD, etc. I’d happily upload them to a central dropbox or something. I would love for everyone to hear Dr. August’s (Professor of Sociology from University of Minnesota) theory on why the Norwegian people are just a bunch of sour, dour people who don’t get humor. That hour was one of the funniest things you’ve ever done, and one of your best from WCCO. The sheer amount of drunk Norwegians calling in from Brainerd or Stillwater was the best. I was in downtown Minneapolis at the time and loved many of those shows. If you ever set up a central server, or dropbox or something, let me know and I will happily upload all of my pre-1999 stuff. Bobbie Dooley’s palpitations from August 1999 when she found out Janice brought meat from Ralph’s (instead of Gelson’s) to the Western Estates Summertacular BBQhad me in stitches too – her description of sitting at the kitchen table with Steve, furtively going through all the receipts from the everyone, finally seeing the charge from Ralph’s – and the Irish Crystal Glass dropped out of her hand and shattered on the floor and she immediately called 911 to get their stomachs pumped from the dirty Ralph’s meat… man, hilarious and genius and twisted awesomeness, Phil!

    • Alex

      We have an official PHS DropBox to receive exactly these types of submissions! If you have any old/lost shows that aren’t currently on the website, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] (or [email protected]) and we can invite you to the DropBox group. Of course proper credit is given in the archives for all of these submissions! Thanks!

      • David

        Done and done, my man. I tried to dig through the site to make sure there weren’t doubles, but I may have missed some, as the site tags aren’t always there. However, I shall leave it up to you to do with these what you will! I suspect you’ll find a bunch of great stuff – possibly the earliest/first Bosell bits, early Mavis, Bobbie back when she was Elizabeth Sorensen, a lot of one-off characters that were never done again, early Raj and Brass Villanueva, the Suckoff Calls, Night of the Lightweights, a bunch of WIOD full shows, etc. Thanks for adding me to the dropbox, I still have a lot more files to go through. I compiled and scrubbed as many as I could (equalizing the levels). Unsure what you can do with them, but hopefully you can get them up here for all the other fans to listen to. There’s on half-hour Phil did with the Angry Century Village callers (from WIOD) that’s freaking gold.

  • Matt

    Hey Phil, I have access to a reel to reel machine and pro tools. I can convert the tapes to audio files.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Where are you located?

      • Matt

        Oh man… just saw this, I’m in Northridge.

  • RootSnappage

    Norton Splodes 4 U

  • Bernie G
    Bernie G


  • John

    Yesterday I heard an episode from 2004 maybe, and Bobbie said ” You need to loosen your pigtails because it’s stretching your imagination.” At a dive bar last night in my hometown of Wilmington, NC that has a chalkboard in the head. I wrote that quote on there with no reference. About 45 minutes later went back in and someone wrote “hhhhmmmm mmmmmmm” under it! It was the bitchinist thing that I never did seen!!!

    • Pete Cirigliano

      Hey John. I used to live in Wilmington. Which bar?

    • David

      If that’s true, that’s legitimately amazing. I’m a huge Phil fan and can quote probably hours of material back and forth with you, but even I might not recognize that right away as Bobbie – seriously cool if that happened!

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    That footage of you on the roller coaster is great
    You’re so calm and cool
    Lauren is, well …

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    Phil, I’m the one that has a contact for converting to digital.
    Can I help?

  • Sheila

    Idea for best of …
    “Feel the Hotness”
    The Bess of Chris Norton (per Allie!)

  • Pete Cirigliano

    Hey Phil! Was listening to some archive of “Sundown” reviewing a Kiss concert. I was laughing so hard (Night in Taiwan, Bone Sandwich) my wife asked me what could possibly be so funny. She just doesn’t get it. I’m considering a divorce. What d’ya think? Seriously though, didn’t realize you worked with Neil Rogers. Used to listen to him when I lived in Sarasota. Is he still around?

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