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    Hey, this was the EXACT SAME BIT Phil used the night before on FRIDAY! Not even 24 hours later we got a recycle.

    Phil used to say he did the show for his LISTENERS, not the callers… but this habbit of recycling weekday bits for the KFI show is more proof he doesn't care about his listeners/fans anymore. He figures most of the "general" audience for the KFI show probably didn't hear the weekday show, so they won't know it's a repeat.

    But THE LISTENERS know. They're the ones who listen to all the shows so they get stuck with a lifeless repeat on Saturday. It might be different if Phil put a little more effort into the recycle, maybe add some depth to the subject, but no… this was just as lame and uninteresting as the night before.

    Here's my review of the Friday show – it also applies to this one:

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    I just bought a wireless router
    For an iPad so I could listen in bed and then I get a messasge apple doesn't allow Frash download. So I can't watch the show?

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    who gives a fat rat's left ventricle?
    apple's for faggots

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    The Photon Flash browser app will allow you to watch on your iPad

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    @LittleLenny I think you want to try the Dolphin Browser if I'm not mistaken.

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