The Saturday BSP-Only show!

Phil checks in with the BSPs and narrates another travelogue from the Hawaiian islands.

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    David Murray

    Good to see you two loving the place I’m blessed to call home. Good stuff!

  • William

    Happy New Year Phil.
    Could you help me to locate the episodes with the song, “If You Knew Suzie…”.
    I’ve been searching for the “Dunfy Brothers”. I’m not sure of the spelling.
    Big Slim

    P.S.: If any Phans can help, I’d appreciate it also.

    • Darren Webb
      Darren Webb

      Look up stairway to the stars

    • TwiceRemoved77


      also search Ted Bell. Be sure to listen to the pre-shows for these episodes, it involves Phil playing them and laughing his ass off!

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    Just wanted to say happy New Year’s Phil!
    Without hesitation, id say that you have made me laugh every day over the last year!
    Thank you for giving us so much great content!

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