The Saturday BSP-Only show!

Mr. Leonard Salvo is on for part two of his interview with the panel, as he presses his claim that ELCOTT: The Next Step harassed him and his wife once they left the “religion.” With Dr. Ed Elcott.

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  • Mike McCloskey

    I defer…

  • Dennis Combs

    I think that guy lives out on ZZYZXX Road.

  • Kitty Chi
    Kitty Chi

    I find Elcott a bore, too, but I love Phil and its obvious to me that he enjoys doing this character. When I see Elcott is on, I usually go into the archives and find me some Mavis or Jay

  • Harold Weber

    I enjoyed the show. The play on code words with the translations was well done; “I defer” was a funny touch. The windup with the statement; –unless you’re not on board 100% with the weirdness, you’re all messed up– was clever and summed up the claim argument satire with a laugh. The auction ended the show really well.

  • Teal


  • Kip Massey

    I no do drugs neither. Must be part of why I find Elcott such a bore.

  • William Crane

    I no do drugs no more.

    Boo eeee doooooo



    Ahhhhhhhhh, the leveling.

  • debbie dodge

    Genius….consistently genius

  • Rodney Futrell

    All hail Elcott. Fuck the haters.

  • David Gullickson

    Not for me.

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