It’s a 4th of July spectacular featuring some famous classic clips. First up it’s Skippy and Frank who welcome special guest President Clinton on the 4th of July. Then Dave Oliva says that Americans need to stop making themselves terrorist targets on July 4th, so he wants Americans to cancel fireworks displays and pray to Allah. And closing, Steve Bosell has heard about the Homeland Security terror alert for July 4th, so he’s barricaded himself and his family in a shelter.

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  • Gary

    We have a group of DJs that sons exactly like skippy n frank. Hilarious cuz now all I hear is skippy when they talk smack

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Love Skippy and Frank , wow I don’t remember this one.

  • James Grice
    James Grice

    Give ’em Hell!

  • Andrew Massaua
    Andrew Massaua

    Skippy and Frank: it’s funny because it’s true. And they’re still in every market. “We’re so cutting edge.” : there’s a morning pair where I live that oozes that self-important slop. Happy 4th Phil.

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