For today’s BSP-Only show we’re featuring a sneak preview of the first 30 minutes of Phil’s new podcast, The Science of the Funny. Phil brings together some of the biggest names in comedy– writers, comics, and producers– to open up the creative process that goes into what makes you laugh and what keeps you laughing. Full episode dropping in a couple of weeks on PodcastOne and iTunes.

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  • Bonnie

    This was a great interview. I love all the stories that the guys told. I can’t wait to hear more in a couple weeks. Great job Phil.

  • Gene

    off subject : Harvey reads the news poorly (as usual)….you ask which glasses he has on (as usual) when he notices his grand daughter has finally brought him his prescription glasses but it doesn’t seem to help much.

    P.S. the background music on the news, seems like KGO here in San Francisco had that EXACT same theme, also Bob’s traffic report sounds so atypical of those days….most of us know of your genius but to me it’s these small little insignificant things that pull it all together. Thank You muchly for fine entertainment.

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    Thank you, Phil, for hanging in there during the hot summers by the beach. As the consummate professional, you refuse to compromise the quality of the show (i.e. fan or air conditioner noise in the background). Your true fans/BSPs really appreciate all your sacrifices, even the cameo apprearances by Thunder and Poncho.

  • Avatar
    Barbara Zimmer

    Loved every minute of this show!

  • William

    Will it be available here?

  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker

    Phil – today’s podcast was a lot of fun…Very interesting to hear you cats describing the ‘nuts and bolts’ of performing comedically. A couple things:

    1) I’m hoping that the full podcast will include the video as well?…

    2) Early in the discussion with Kurt you mention being unfamiliar with Shepard Fairey, but I am certain you’ll be familiar with his work – particularly this image that was ubiquitous during the 2008 campaign:

    You’ve probably also seen several of his album covers here are a couple: and

    …and here are a few other cool ones (with the last being a book jacket sleeve he was commissioned to design):

    I look forward to the next installment.


    Jeff Baker
    Bozeman, Montana

  • Jonathan

    Awesome stuff, Phil! Thank you. Can’t wait for the full show. Inspired idea for a podcast.

  • Avatar
    John Packwood

    Phil, I love this…I can’t wait to hear the whole thing in July!


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