Phil’s last show on WCCO-AM!

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Ive heard this

  • Christopher Alfano
    Christopher Alfano

    Phil’s sense of humor is definitely on display here, but it’s very different from what he does now. I love it all, but it’s cool to see where he was at an earlier point in is career.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    The thing that sticks out most.
    The Point that people who are OLD
    don’t like Phil Hendrie.

    I need this man Oh yeah I NEED ThIS MAN

    OOOOH oOOO H OOOOh yeah

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    I was in the studio for this whole show! I’m Dennis – I brought my grandma’s homemade cookies. I have a video of this somewhere… need to find it.

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    hey, phil. did u get to know Dark Star. he died a couple years back, he became a radio icon here in mn. did every time slot at wcco. just wondering.

  • Charles

    The guy calling in doing an impersonation of Brad at about 59:00 was awesome.

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    dunn logan

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the laughs. You are the best in what you do.
    I am looking for one of my favorite episodes:(198-2002) Bobbie and Steve Dooley were having a bbq at Western Estate. She and steve were saying that they only shop it Gilson supermarket and Wholefood market. At the end of the end when you and the listeners told them that ralph, Vons, and Alberson were all the same and own by the same guy/company she and steve call ambalance and wanted their stomach pumped.

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      Craig Johnson

      That Bobbie bit is from summer 1999. I call it “We don’t shop there.” I recorded that off the radio and kept the highlights sometime late in the summer. I suggest looking in the archives under August and September 1999. You think you know somebody and then you find a Ralphs receipt!

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