Classic Hour

The Saturday BSP-Only show!

Phil talks with Backstage Pass members and brings on Herb Sewell & RC Collins as well.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from May 30 2005, Lloyd Bonafide reads aloud an e-mail he sent to the different media about the images of Terry Schiavo on TV and how they show the comatose woman “grinning like she just hit the lottery.”

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  • Leann

    Just listened to this now – was cracking up over the analysis of Ann Coulter. I also think that RC Collins would have a big crush on her because of her likeness to a praying mantis. thanks for the laughs BSPs and Phil.

  • Libby

    I’m in tears laughing at the Classic Hour. I wish you’d bring back Lloyd Bonafide, Phil — he really doesn’t sound much like General Shaw at all.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    THE POPE IS BACKED UP !!!!!!!!!

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