Thursday, April 14, 2005

HR 1 – Chris Norton and Phil talk about Chris’s idea to start up “Dream Date” for girls who don’t get asked out to prom, out to prom, inspired, of course, by Terri Schiavo.  Callers react to the sliding scale of fee for this service, based on the attractiveness of the girl.  LISTENER FLASHBACK REQUEST – Tony Neal “White Eye For The Black Guy”.
HR 2 – Larry Grover, host of radio show “The Angry Liberal” chats with Phil and callers about a policy meeting he attended regarding the war in Iraq for oil.
HR 3 – Herb Sewell, former chairman of Walton Chemical and visitor of the white house and frequent guest of President Bush and his wife in Texas talks about his new book “The Bush Legacy” that claims that George Bush is not the religious man he is portrayed to be and he doesn’t really like Christians.  FLASHBACK REQUEST: Brad Riley requests the bit from December where David G. Hall makes an editorial comment on binge drinking.  Up Next: Lloyd Bonafide and Lance O’Dell who wants to learn to “do the radio business”.

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