We’ve got another pair of classic clips for today’s podcast. Featuring Steve Bosell’s “Bottle of Scope” and Mavis Leonard in “I Shot A Dog For Jesus”.

Episode 360 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Nicole McDonald
    Nicole McDonald

    Pee Pee in my pants funny bust a nut funny Phil is the best in the world. Phil is world champion and has medal to prove it.

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    John Pace

    I don’t mind replays… actually, I do because the shows this past month have been gut busting funny.

  • Kai Anthony Reynolds (
    Kai Anthony Reynolds ("Tony")

    Never “nay nay” the replay. They are the spine of what has become! In fact, as you listen carefully each time, you’ll discover hidden comedy jewels that you may have missed before. After 20 years of listening, I know of what I speak. “I’m a gay man and a gay journalist”!

  • Avatar

    Phil, the Tina Turner/Margaret gig is stupid funny….. 🙂

  • Chad Young
    Chad Young

    My Great-Grandmother was just like Mavis. Must be why I turned out level headed enough to appreciate Phil.

  • Brent Bradley
    Brent Bradley

    Arthur Prysock…I thought Frank was Isaac hayes!

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    Robert Rankin

    Steve Bosell saying “Nice set” reminds me of the KFI days when John Kobylt told Terry Ray Elmer she had a “nice set” to which she replied “you bastard”. Phil played that relentlessly for the next week whenever possible. Ah, memories.

    • Avatar
      Dean Vendouris

      I thought she called him an ___hole. Either way, it was pretty funny. I was nervous listening to the banter between them for awhile afterward, cause it appeared that it really did tick her off, but I think they eventually put it behind them and even joked about it.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Whatever, two brilliant shows I never heard.

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    John Pace

    Teal hates… nay, LOATHES replays.

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