Hour 1:

Child psychologist Dr. Jim Sadler discusses a 12 year old patient of his that sees dead people. Dr. Sadler has decided to turn his story into a movie. The PHS presents: Jim Deal’s Exotic World of Wild Animals. Jeff Dowder calls in while celebrating 4/20, he’s got a question about Suri Cruise.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell is upset that his two year old daughter Victoria is picking up Spanish words from their nanny, Ted says there’s a certain cultural line that should never be crossed.

Hour 3:

Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell: Art discusses his 20 year old Filipino bride. Jeff Dowder and RC Collins are going to Aruba to find Natalie Holloway, Lloyd Bonifide says they may come back with shrunken heads. Chris Norton has a new porn movie coming out with actors named Bea Arthur and Johnny Walnuts.

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    Johnny Walnuts was not an actor, just his friend who cleaned pools. The other actors name was Doc Bang. haha

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    Johnny Walnuts? OMG!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

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    Bong hits and the cough were lol

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    The third hour of this particular show is nothing short of radio platinum. I mean "Arubatown", Art Bell, AND Chris Norton talking about "Bea Arthur"? Absolutely perfectly pitched comedy. Keep up the good work, Phil. Houseboat Rob. Key Largo, FL,

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