Margaret’s son Jason Jay Delmonico (The Delmonico) is interviewed about the Grey family’s “Kung Pao” martial arts interest. Later, Phil and his panel try and talk with Dr. Ron Tarner about the Big Bang Theory, but are sidetracked by Ron running sound effects in the background and yelling at his new girlfriend.

Episode 365 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I want to hear Margaret sing “One Less Bell To Answer” while mulling over the loss of Frank.

  • Don Jacobson
    Don Jacobson

    Damn Phil, Margaret’s rendition of “You Don’t -Know- Me” was terrific… nice job and great show as usual. =o)

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    I agree with Mr. Hendrie. Personal opinions are personal but for a person to openly VENT all their frustrations and ugly emotions, with absolute anonymity and no accountability is living in a dream world. I feel that such a person, no matter how hateful and ugly their opinions, are lost. And if a such person cannot take the heat, then keep their stupid and ugly opinions to themselves. Now these creatures do have a right to voice these opinions. But there are consequences.

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