Phil discusses a large floating head found in New York harbor this week and in the process kicks Bud out of the studio when he starts making “head” jokes and then refers to Roberts “thick lips.”

Harvey Weirman weighed in on the early career of actor Edward Norton and his supposed discovery in New York by agent Shorty Weisback. Weirman got into what he said was Nortons ability to “reach out ajnd strangle anyone with one hand.”

Margaret also tries strangling Bud, not for the first time. Plus Karen Deauville calls in along with her brother-in-law Jerry to talk with Phil about actor Edward Norton and a “buzz” that Jerry said he saw in Parade magazine claiming Norton has enough strength in one hand to perform “the Vulcan pinch,” similar to the so-called death grip used by the character Spock in Star Trek.

Also Dr. Ron Tarner on the lunar eclipse and Doug Dannger too.

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    August Spillers

    phil to get a printable or readable view for some news stories; i use safari browser, go to address bar, select the “reader” option. It gives a generic blank sheet with no ads.

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