Vernon Dozier discusses recently released tapes of former New Orleans Saints coach Greg Williams encouraging his players to injure players on opposing teams. While Vernon realizes he’s a high school coach there is something about that style of coaching that he wishes he could bring to the high school level. “Instead I got kids bringing apple sauce cake into my locker room that their MAH-MAH’s made for them.”

Chris Norton has started a new mobile entertainment service. He realizes because there is a need for a clean, Christian entertainer for bachelorette parties so Chris decided to hire himself out as a “clean, modest male dancer for bachelorette parties” wearing suits only, such as the suit of an English professor (tweed jacket) or a chef (carrying a giant spoon).

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    @ loquaky so you're a fascist pig?

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    no calls on the show?


    I can't get enough of Vernon's variations on "MahMahhhMahhh"

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    Phil you have been cracking out the shows big time and they are all hilarious! By the way you keep mixing up Jehovah's Witnesses with Mormons. JW's do not minister on bikes nor do the men wear the white shirt with skinny black ties.
    I don't know how Mormon's dress but I do know JW's look pretty classy.

    How long we are going to have you making us bust our gut? I have no idea but each show I am thrilled with, and want to suspend back stage passes to the ones that complain!

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    "… kind of the way the Scottish people do it. Wee wee."
    -Chris Norton-

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    I'm spazing right now with the return of Chris!!!

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