Hour One:

Phil reads some of the shows funniest lines as submitted by listeners. Example” RC Collins said, “You show me where it says ‘bonesmoker’ in the consitution.” David Hall calls and tells Phil he’s gotta go to Ryan Seacrests Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony and he is responsible for keeping it clean with 409 and a rag. Little Logan Benson calls to say “my grandpa thinks Johnnie Cochran was a fast, talking darkie.”

Hour Two:

Larry Grover, the “Angry Liberal” comes on the show to talk about how his son was detained by the police after a journal he was keeping revealed extremely violent thoughts, like wanting to “slit the school principals throat and then hang him upside down to let the blood drain out.” Larry is upset with the cops because he son told him it was an April Fools Joke and, anyway, its all paranoia that Bush created after 9/11.

Hour Three

Brass Villenueva is a valet at a swank West Los Angeles restuarant. He says that once you give him the keys to your car, he can, by law, use the car to “get a bucket at KFC or a sandwich….but only if it was an emergency.” In the past, valets that work for him have borrowed patrons cars only to be involved in police chases or traffic stops that turn into drug busts. Naturally Phil isn’t buying it but Brass says, “right there on the ticket it says we are not responsible for stolen and damaged property so I’m not resposnsible for it being stolen even though, technically, I stole it.”

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    I love hearing Dave saying “allegedly” and “technically”

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    HAHAHA! Are you a midget? We don’t ride tricycles! Great stuff!

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