Two hours with telemarketer Chris Norton tonight who is leaving the adult film business (or at least is taking a break) and running for the California State Senate. Chris said that the only way to hold the “‘Publicans feet to the fire is to not only shut down the government but not pay military people either.”

Chris thinks keeping the paycheck away from military families is smart in case it lands in the hands of “deadbeats and freeloaders.” Another area of concern is (but of course) military wives hitting buckets of balls and playing 3 pars trying to get their LPGA cards while their husbands risk death.

*The line “Okay lunger, let’s do it” was originally in the film “Tombstone.”

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  • paddyandpeanut

    What you said about your mother cracked me up. I truly believe you can't understand unless you have deceased parents but I do the same thing a lot. It's because I don't want people to feel bad or treat me differently because my parents are dead. OK, I'm weird.

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    Hi Phil, great show as always

    -RC Collins
    Bradley Military Academy

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    If that's what gets him off, let him post whatever he wants.Yeah, it's annoying, but if he paid his money he has that right unfortunately.

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    Hey Sniffles, seek professional help … and … like the man said, "Shut the F Up for God's sake dude!

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    Sittle no offense, shut the f… up.

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    Oh man … Are you an obsessed phan or what, Spittle?!? You're real stalker material. You need to turn in your BSP and seek psychiatric treatment … Today!!

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    The setup for Chris was funny, only because of Chris' characteristics… 'publican, 'splain it to them… The material is great bait for the patriot crowd. It's funny to hear Chris say 'publican, but will it be funny after 2 full hours of it?

    A lot of hot air in this bit, there is little material here, just Phil flexing his comedic muscle and opinion through Chris…. Phil and Chris are successful in the first hour. Chris' commentary and quips (walkawalk – talkatalk, grab a handful, McBurgalar meal) are getting my cookies.

    The biggest escalation comes at the 15 minute mark of H2, where Chris claims that some of these servicemen and women families are deadbeats. The bit gets tedious in the second hour… Chris and Phil have stopped messing with the callers, and started to answer their questions seriously… always death on these political bits… not a lot of sessuality or senssuality.

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