After seeing his brother at the hospital, Phil interviews Dean Wheeler about maintaining good health. During the interview Dean tries to maintain his cool while the traveling squirrels harass him and Wes Hurlford’s band practices. Later, Mavis Leonard lays out the case for Donald Trump and why she supports him.

Episode 445 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Brent

    Thanks to the butch sounds of Mrs Leonard I’m off to buy 5 boxes of Special K…great product placement Phil

  • Peter Van Atta
    Peter Van Atta

    Probably made in China Phil.

  • David Comaty
    David Comaty

    Need an Elcott fix bad!

  • Avatar
    Brandon Durham

    Great show as always, Phil, and here’s hoping your brother feels better soon.

  • alex

    i could listen to a 100% Wheeler/Bosel vs Traveling Squirrelâ„¢ show…easy 😉

  • Avatar

    My coworker was concerned I was having some kind of episode while I was trying to contain laughter during the “Midget” song. Great work as usual and give that squirrel a raise.

  • Avatar

    Holy God Phil,today I listened to Nov. 3 or 4 and you talked about fat people on planes driving the price of fuel up, and thus the price of tickets. Today, Drudge report: Airlines to weigh passengers! A decade ahead of your time, Phil the Prophet!

    • Hesperus

      There is a term for that dating way back on the show… life imitates Phil.

  • Avatar
    Matt HInsz

    Phil, the “Bob Meat” audio file was from Jan 27. Chris Norton came on to talk about the retirement of pornstar Bob Meat. Then you got sick, blamed it on Bud, and ended the show early. Kind of hoped we would hear the conclusion of that bit someday.

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