Doug Dannger and Larry Grover debated Bradley Manning and his relative value to liberals and conservatives. Doug thought he had Larry and all the conservatives who used Manning as a poster child for the ills of the Obama administration. Dannger said that the revelation Manning was a cross-dresser had to be embarrassing for Larry. They then debated whether Manning wore a gown or just a skirt. Dwayne, a businessman from Maui, calls the show to protest what he calls the ‘glamorization’ of shark attacks that closes beaches and drives business away from him and other merchants. Dwayne mentioned his cousin Junior being ‘eaten’ by a thresher shark and his father still keeping their roadside tavern open to take advantage of the tourist season.

Other stuff too!

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  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters

    Bud was in the 1st hour of this segment. I think Phil has moved away from the “Morning Zoo” format he was doing at the end of the TRN show. Now he’s moving back to Host, guest and caller format. But, as before he does still have a cast of characters around in a smaller fole. Great stuff so far! Keep it up!

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    Eric Hickey

    I found Bud and Robert.

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    Eric Hickey

    Where’s Bud and Robert?

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