Doug Dannger was at a variety of Chick-Fil-A’s Thursday getting opinions on the “Kiss-Ins” scheduled for Friday. In typical Dannger fashon he would ask people what they thought of gay rights and if he got a negative comment he’d spring on them “yea, well I’m gay. Now how do you feel about it.”

Later Bobbie and Steve Dooley talked about the beauty and fitness of America’s gymnastic women and how every four years American women are reminded of how flabby, loose-skinned and “hagged-up” simple yoga exercises make them.

With Margaret Grey, Frank Grey, Karen Deauville & family, Dr. Ron Tarner, RC Collins and Vernon Dozier.

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    Glad to hear more Milwaukee Lions is on the way. I'm enjoying it!

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    With all these recent shows about Chick-Fil-A, I'd love to hear a "gay marriage supporting" Chef Carl Chodilia do a short cooking show where he has his own "Chick-Fil-A" knock-off sandwhiches for those who love them but want to still boycott.

    In true Chef Carl style though, everything is deop fried, injected with butter and cream cheese, and then fried again in bacon grease. Of course the customary heart attack or throat swelling up at the end of the skit would be required..LOL.

    On a side note, can Phil even do Chef Carl's voice anymore after all the weight loss? Heh…

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