Hour 1:

Bobbie Dooley runs the HOA and PTO and is imposing Christian-themed PE school uniforms of a gladiator skirt and a blue Mohawk on a gold helmet. Phil closes with a short mention of the website poll that suggests racist undertones.

Hour 2:

FIRST HALF. Afroman’s Because I Got High in full, then flashback of 2001-08-22a JSA. Because I Got High again, flashback of 2001-08-06c. Because I Got High. SECOND HALF. Because I Got High. Flashback 2001-08-03a MGR. Because I Got High. Flashback 2001-07-16 hour three

Hour 3:

Ted Bell hates the nouveau riche, saying a man who won money in a Powerball lottery doesn’t deserve to have the perks and status symbols of a rich person who earned their wealth. Phil closes talking about the Connie Chung and Gary Condit interview. Phil hates the marketing of NFL football, and says mostly farmers watch it.

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