Hour 1:

Phil talks about his back, his washing machine, and his wife and kids. Bob Greene had a pub crawl business that was ruined by one man who wouldn’t get back onto the bus. Harriet calls from Air America and can’t figure out why there’s a delay on her radio.

Hour 2:

Clara Bingham joins us from “Parents Who Are There.” Clara is a nanny who feels she has the right to hit the kid because she’s been around him more than his parents.

Hour 3:

Phil explains why his show is more progressive than any Air America station. Father James McQuarters recalls Phil’s wedding day, then turns black when the music goes away. Margaret will take Saddam Hussein’s last two days before he got caught and make a soap opera out of it. Phil reads some news and some e-mail. Bobbie Dooley promotes her new blog and Jeff Dowder is in hurricane Katrina.

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    Holy fuck, I forgot the stint during this time where Phil would have characters change race based on what music was playing in the background. Fucking genius.

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