Rudy Canosa and Margaret Grey discussed the need for the female Fox news anchors to slap each other across the face on a regular basis “because of their ego-cen-TRICITY.” Margaret had a particular problem with “the blond wearing the doctor’s smock” and “that Kirsten Powers with the space between the teeth” on the morning Fox news. “They need the face slapped and slapped hard.”

General Shaw slapped his own face because he felt bad about making a crack concerning a missing American student in the Middle East. He then went on to mourn the legacy of Lawrence of Arabia and that fact that he worked for so much and now “the whole things turned to shit again.”

Episode 195 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Steven Burgess

    4 day weekend follows

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    John Pace

    @Adam Ray – I have no idea why Rayman popped in my head when I first heard Bud Dickman so many years ago. I’ve never even played the game, but there he is… that’s Bud.

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    Gerardo Cordero

    I like the Russian papers, makes it sound funny.good stuff.

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    Steven Campbell

    How about a show where all you do is russle papers.
    I think rush called and wants his sound effect back.
    But great show as always mr hendrie!

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    Adam Ray

    lmfao john pace always talking about bud being rayman

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    John Pace

    See… Dickman’s nose is just like the one in my avatar!

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