Margaret Grey, Justin McElroy, and RC Collins tried to discuss the Republican National Convention and the Clint Eastwood speech but Ms. Grey forgot about what else she wanted to talk about and Justin McCelroy ran out of stuff to talk about. Harvey Weirman and later Herb Sewell discussed the TRN lawsuit against Dial Global as Harvey battled his “phlegm problem” and the fact his granddaughter continues to bring him the “big, jumbo-sized glasses from Disneyland instead of my regular reading glasses.”

Vernon Dozier remembered with Phil great football injuries down through the years and wound up cackling maniacally at the memory of Joe Theismann’s Monday night snapped shin-bone. “I heard from Lawrence Taylor that Theismann screamed liked Tarzan”

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    Clint Driftwood is all washed up.

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    You know what you remind me of with your cheap bag and you're white shoes…all work and no play make jack a dull boy….

    Arizona Fan

    Love you Philly

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    Anyone know why the stream keeps dropping? Is it a problem on my end?

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    CNN has a site feature called "iReport" where random people post their webcam-produced takes on current news. Although I did not watch the convention myself I did see an iReport video by a slightly out-of-it dude from rural Indiana enthusiastically reviewing the Eastwood speech. That guy will be hosting "The Situation Room" by next week I reckon

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    I know cause I paused it once when he had a vial out

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    I saw once that phil was prescribed venlefaxine and my research tells me thatis an antipsychotic medicine which is important because its not surprising that phil might be a schizophrenic because he has so many split personalities

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