Hour 1:

Child care expert Clara Bingham believes that Jon Benet Ramsey was blackmailed and then beaten to death Beauty Pageant Judges. Phil reads through a Sharper Image Catalogue and talks about teaching his kids how to drive “stick.”

Hour 2:

Colleen Kristen Brewster joins the program to promote her “Princess Diana Travel Package” to Paris where you can facsimile the famous chase route. Phil talks about creationism.

Hour 3:

“Birds for Fuel” Private pilot Art Griego, disturbed by reports that birds sucked into jetliners’ engines are threatening the safety of passengers, explains why he wants to grind up all of our feathered friends. Phil talks about psychics.

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    The JonBenet bit is fucking classic and hilarious. This entire week was fucking gold, which is saying a lot considering most of Phil’s work is fucking gold.

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    The Jon Benet bit is over the top.

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    john bell

    hi i see that old shows are divided in 3 1 hr segments. is there any way to play all 3 without going on computer and manually select the next hour? by the way ive been listening to your show since the kfi days love you love the show… thanks john

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