Hour 1:

Brass Villanueva says Bush’s win in the recount is a disaster for Latinos, because Texas has become a Mexican gulag after 5 years of Bush’s governorship. Phil closes talking about a special webcast, rants about bad bands.

Hour 2:

Larry Grover blames his erectile dysfunction on the Democrats possibly taking Congress in 2002. He says Al Gore was lying about bipartisanship. Phil closes with years that end in 0, lawn darts.

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Phil on politics. He says things will get better with George Bush in office (sarcastically?), and says Republicans have never had an original idea. Decorating the Christmas tree. SECOND HALF. Talk about Christmas in Hendrie home, allowances. Phil does Fat Alcoholic Warnings reading personals.

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  • Erikk

    Hour 3 is Jeff Dowder discussing a lawsuit brought against Garth Brooks by a handicap person alleging that he only allowed attractive women to sit near the front of the stage and keeping the handicapped from sitting there. Jeff Dowder says that as a musician, he can’t stand it when he’s doing the duck walk on stage, twirls around, and barfs on account of seeing some Stephen Hawking type drooling on the front row.

  • Erikk

    Hour 2 is Jay Santos commenting on the young lady who committed suicide by leaping from an airplane in Sacramento. He says that young women have no need to commit suicide because their breasts are still pert, and their buttocks still firm.

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