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Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hour 1:

Tonight Phil hosts an all request show. This means that every bit played on the air is a repeat of some piece of crap Phil did a while back, and you, the listener, enjoyed it so much that you asked to hear it again. The first hour features clips of Lloyd Bonifide pissed off about a neighbor’s sports car, Art Griego is wasted, Jeff Dowder wants to process his “number 2,” Pastor William Rennick hunts werewolf, Vernon Dozier does it his way, and Chris Norton teaches you how to dance sexy!

Hour 2:

Phil’s all request show continues! Chris Norton’s sexy dance kicks off the hour, since Phil messed it up last time. Clips from hour two include Dave Oliva flaunts his El Camino, Vernon Dozier seeks the love of an 18 year old student, Vernon Dozier again with “Plane go Boom,” and Jeff Dowder explains how jack rabbits start forest fires. Then Phil plays the classic clip of the guy calling in thinking he’s ordering a pizza!

Hour 3:

Final hour of the all request show starts with Bob Green and cat sandwich. Other requests include Steve Bosell beating children as the result of playing Halo, Silvia vs. David G. Hall, Jay Santos pulling over cars and belt-sanding off a little paint, Jay Santos again patrolling garage sales for child predators, and finally “All you can eat Negro!”

Show log by Kyle Davis.


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