Thursday, December 5, 2002

Show Log by Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Vernon Dozier comes on to say President Bush and how he’s letting his “Da-Da” and “Ma Ma” influence his decision on Iraq…Phil/Vernon cracks up. “Da-da, watch me, I go poo in bowl.” Father McQuarter comes on to discuss Islam. Phil talks about United Airlines filing bankruptcy – takes a real call – lady calls him a jackass.

Hour 2:
Don Burman of Channel 19 News has had two children with interns at his TV station. Flashback from Art Griego where he served in Vietnam (for Canada). Vernon and Raj Fahneen join Phil in-studio.

Hour 3:
Jeff Dowder joins in to tell us why we’re really going to war… “Oil comes from Iraq and Texas too.” R.C. Collins of Bradley Military Academy thinks he’s being trained for nothing.

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