A debate between Lloyd Bonafide and Larry Grover on the anti-pot side and Jeff Dowdder and Professor Don Micksa on the pro-pot side turns stupid real fast..

Frank Grey called in to defend Margaret butchering the song “Arrivederci Roma.” 

A discussion of whether there is a French pronunciation for “Hobbit.”

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    I would have thought LA would have an entire department for celeb anti-stalking, no?

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    Yeah, that was pretty out of the blue and shocking news. I found him on twitter and the philphans site and apparently the woman as well. He seems like a vile and disgusting sorry excuse of a man. I agree, don't let up Phil. He's a wretched little piece if jealous trash.

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    So sorry to hear about your problems, Phil. I'd like to help. I have experience tracking down Internet stalkers. Drop me a line if you want to discuss.

  • djf750

    That was a shock to hear during that very funny bit. Don't let up on that asshole. We are all behind you, Phil.

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    I'm so sorry Phil …I can't even imagine what a headful of worms that guy must have.

    BTW, I would never have believed that your show would actually be BETTER without callers…lots more work for you, but great for us! Thanks.

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    So do we have to wait til you get hurt or can we find this ass before hand

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    I just hate to see empty comments section. I would love to hear Margaret blasted. That's all I got.

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