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Thursday, December 7, 2000

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Hour 1:

Ted Bell's restaurant has a tacky, $150K manger display. Baby Jesus rises out of the crib every 5 minutes and the Star of Bethelehem is a laser spotlight, and defies the governor's power conservation requests. Phil closes talking about Hannukah and talks about joking with a Jew friend about non-Kosher foods.

Hour 2:

Austin Amarka is a Texan having an all-night all-day party celebrating Texas's world record for executions. Callers say his support for the death penalty is abominable. Phil closes talking about regional talk shows, whether brilliant children should graduate early.

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Phil on the Oscars, doesn't like Whoopi Goldberg films because of the "negro making white people feel good" theme. SECOND HALF. Barbecuing. Mavis Leonard's Interesting Tidbits.


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