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Thursday, December 7, 2017

It’s the Dr William Brown Pet Advice Show. The renowned animal expert talks about the many ways animals attempt to ‘chump’ him.

The BSP Classic Hour is from December 2000. Jay Santos on the Sacramento airplane suicide jump, says young women have no reason to be depressed because they’ve got ‘pert breasts.’

Episode 1045 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Richard

    “Licks his ball sack and glances up”

  • Avatar

    THIS IS THE WACKED OUT BRILLIANCE IVE BEEN WAITING FOR PHIL! Reminds me of the Dr Arthur Barne episode (2nd one). More of this please Phil. I think you’re best when you dive deep in the characters and realities you create. No one else can do it but you Mr. Hendrie. Thank you sir

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    What is the name of the trumpet tune used during this bit?

  • Michael

    Love those occasions when Phil could barely contain himself. Reminds us that he’s having a pretty good time.

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    Pete Cirigliano

    Funny goddamn stuff Phil! Love Dr Brown!

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    Mike Nickas

    The man WORKS HIS ASS OFF FOR THOSE ANIMALS! Even though he hates them.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    Epic show, Phil. I always love the constantly flustered Dr. William Brown.

  • Avatar

    This one had me cracking up and getting weird looks at work. Dr. Brown delivers the comedy goods.

  • Avatar

    Yes to more William Brown…. I couldn’t breath, weeping…. will be listening to this one 20 times…looking for a Toucan group in my area….

  • Edward

    I just read the description for the show today and almost pissed my pantaloons laughing at the idea of being “chumped” by animals.

    I love you Phil.

  • Allen Grooms
    Allen Grooms

    I think the classic clip is Dr Jim Sadler talking about his book Christmas Gifts that Heal.

    Your thighs aren’t as good as they could be but they can get better with both of us working together, me buying the thigh master and you using it!

    • Avatar
      Andrew Wiley

      Correct, it is Jim Sadler speaking about what he’s learned from his three failed marriages.

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