With Raj Feneen as our guest, Margaret owns up to understanding some Arabic due to an affair she had once with a Syrian gardener. In an unprecedented move, Phil kicks Margaret and General Shaw off the show after the General intimates that Margarets son, Jason Jay Delmonico, “is a little dark.” Dr. Ron Tarner’s live stream of Australian mature sex model Maxine Drake is threatened by a new tax on all streaming media entering or leaving Oz. RC Collins, fresh out of military academy and working for his dad, weighs in on the Flint, MI water crisis.

Episode 575 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Patrick Crosby (aka San Clemente Moose)

    That quote your dad had about the sound of a man’s name: Dale Carnegie says something very close to that in How to Win Friends and Influence People ($3 shipping included on abebooks). Very possible source since that book is now quote old. Also, your analysis of Trump is the most insightful of any I have encountered yet! You see clear through the guy!

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz

    Knocked it out of the park again, Phil!!!

    Boyd “Cha-Cha”…. Skybaby “The Snake” Sweetan…?! God-d*@%#t!! That baby in the plane needs his own show! If they can get enough gas in that thing, he might have a good 15 minute run.

  • Andrew

    There needs to be a Boyd Sweetan Twitter feed made at some point. Avatar:

    • Michael John
      Michael John

      I think we need to get Skybaby Sweetan hooked on Bozo’s Pep Pills…just imagine!!

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Great to hear from Raj and RC today, and I’m sure we all appreciate taking a break from Her Majesty and His Nibs every once in a while.

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