Hour 1:

In this special edition of the Phil Hendrie Show, Phil speaks with caller Tom, a former white supremacist believes that OJ Simpson was set up by the LAPD.

Hour 2:

RC Collins joins the program, he wants to sound bitchin’ like the previous caller with the voice processor! Phil talks about Jews for Jesus. The PHS presents… Bob Tucker from the American Nazi Party!

Hour 3:

“Fat Pride” Roland Schwinn’s way of protesting the Atkins’ Diet is to eat the last meals of Texas Death Row inmates who were executed.

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    Wonder what Carl Misla would have to say about Schwinn’s bit?

  • John

    the evolution of Carl Chodillia paves it’s way!! love Schwinn’s “talkin with his mouth full” bit. nearly peed my pants. but, what’s new?

    • Avatar
      Russell Snyder

      I just got naked when I heard this

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