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Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Hour 1: Larry Grover is on to talk about Joe Stack flying his plane into an office building. Joe represents the American people's anger about taxes and Larry compares him to Jesus and Che Guevara.

Hour 2: Phil discusses some news at the beginning of this hour. Gerald Fisher calls in with more news about Joe Stack. He says that Joe Stack was crazier than a craphouse rat. Then Phil talks about paying taxes, and there is a story about an Italian chef who says it's a okay to eat cats.

Hour 3: Marilyn Donnely from the Education Alliance for responsible television is on the program and says that American Idol should be cancelled. She says that the producers are intentionally sadistic telling the young people that they didn't make the cut. The people that are rejected could become violent. Good quote: The world is a big doo sandwich and we all gotta take a bite.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer


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