Doug Dannger, Harvey Weirman and Phil argued and screamed at each other over Doug’s forthcoming article in the Orange County Courier about “the rehabilitation of Indianapolis.” Doug avoided Phil and Harvey’s questions for for 2 hours on why he said that Indianapolis was “a dark and forboding place with hints of black magic and Indian burial grounds.”

Also with Lloyd Bonafide…

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    Bud was in rare form. I think I could actually "hear" the smoke coming out of his brain as he spewed together a few beautifully crafted deep thoughts!

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    I really want to hear this archive. Alf joins the program to discuss the sad misfortune he faced with being forced to euthanize his wife, a victim of severe pain. Alf claims she died with dignity… (0:08:08) Win
    Please see if u guys can help out a Real Fan.

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