Phil brought on Steve Bosell, a construction contractor from Corona, CA who argued that the Mississippi Chamber of Congress should have let business people know that slavery was still, technically legal in that state. The Mississippi legislature had not yet formally passed the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, one that was adopted by other US states in…..1865. Steve felt that as bad as slavery is, business people may have benefitted from having someone who would “do his bidding.”

Former jockey Little Ian Anderson came on the program to explain the English soccer organizational structure and how teams are promoted up through the ranks. He got into an argument however with Bud and Robert when they asked why teams with “cool names like Nottingham Forest” weren’t higher up in the divisional pecking order. When they said that the name “Sherwood Forest” sounded “sissy” Ian said at least HE didn’t have to go as far as England to find sissy’s. “You lot is sissy enough,”he said.

Plus other weird shit with Phil talking to himself…

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