Hour 1:

Margaret Gray saw “War of the Worlds” on PayPerView and was so outraged by Dakota Fannings performance that she couldn’t focus on the film. The following night she went to a charity planning meeting and slapped a friend whose daughter had a striking resemblance to Fanning.

Hour 2:

Steve Bosell recently went to his high school reunion and was very much looking forward to reconnecting up with former homecoming queen and cheerleader Sarah Teichmann. Things didn’t go according to plan and now Steve wants to sue the high school AND his wife.

Hour 3:

Darrell Webbers Blues Show kicks off with his sideman Junior T-Bone and special guest Pastor William Rennick. The whole thing comes to a crashing end when David G. Hall phones in. Frank Gray calls Phil to talk about how he is producing Julia Roberts new play on Broadway. Little Logan Benson calls to tell the audience what his grandpa has been saying lately. R.C. Collins thinks people that wear ear pieces for cell phones look like they’re in the military. Phil reads some e-mail and talks about Chris Penn.

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