Phil discussed the Arizona anti-gay legislation with youth minister David Castorini. Reverand Castorini loves the sinner but hates the sin even though he himself bought an industrial sized can of Crisco “just to have and fantasize over but not act out on.” Phil also took the Kinsey test and despite having watched gay porn, Phil came out totally heterosexual on his score which bothered and confused Larry Grover. Pastor William Rennick came on to comment on Margaret Grey’s recent gospel breakfast. The song “Jesus has the Jiffy Pop” got the Pastor hungry and he went out looking for Cracker Jacks….

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    Jeff Garrison

    Bummer…no videocast in Austin Texas. Whats up, or down?

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    Ricky Graber

    This show was a fantastic performance.
    Best show in months….
    Your lack of sleep brings the true artist
    out of the closet.
    Remember the creepy military guy neighbor in “American Beauty”?

  • Avatar
    Ricky Graber

    Did you get wood watching that movie Phil?

  • Michael John
    Michael John

    No videocast?

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