Hour 1: VARIETY.

Hour 2: Margaret Gray’s has concern for young boys who were aroused while watching the Grammys [DJB].

Hour 3: (FIRST HALF) Rudy Canoza runs Canoza Security, where all they do is put a security sign on the property. (SECOND HALF) Phil talks about being dropped from an interview with E! during the Grammys; he pretends to break down and cry on the air (30m) and Bud gives him licorice tea which he spits out.

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  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Too common, a little boring.

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    Wow!! That 2nd hour nailed a moment from my HS days… 17, in her parents den ( a game room for the two older brothers). I wasn’t in a wheelchair but a computer chair (a chair WITH wheels!).
    The two boys in the common room were her parents. Whilst getting “serviced”, they called her name to go to the living room. A loud “BOP” and she was on her feet. Blue?? No way, no way… DEEP PURPLE!!!
    Did I mention one of her brothers was playing D&D about 8 cubits away! He probably seen it all, on account of the reflection in the monitor!

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